LEGACY Social Media Team Makes Huge Splash for CDM

The LEGACY Social Media team was recently in Birmingham, Alabama to attend the Creflo Dollar Ministries Change Experience Conference and to promote Pastor Dollar’s new social network, CDM Society.

While there promoting CDM Society, our team was also providing social media coverage of the event through Facebook posts and tweets and hosting meet‐and‐greets on behalf of the ministries’ social media department. The attendees responded well to our invitation to take photos to be posted for the larger online community. It created quite a buzz at the conference as well as online.  Within minutes both Pastor Dollar and Pastor Taffi’s online fans were fully engaging with likes, comments, and shares on all the pictures.

For over an hour, our team was live-posting the event and reading and responding to hundreds of comments and likes, all occurring within moments of posting! In the process, we were able to successfully spike and engage their respective fans and followers! Dr. Dollar’s page increased by 403 fans and Pastor Taffi’s page increased by 607 new fans over the weekend. This was a great advance in comparison to the average increase of 174 fans per weekend!  We look forward to live-posting future Change Experience Conventions and events!

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